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Here's how BI42 can benefit your business

Get the most out of your data – in an easy to use AI-enabled knowledge assistant.

Fast and accurate

BI42 brings all your data to your fingertips
and our universal connectors ensure it is
accurate as well!

Heterogenous data
landscape – No problem!

Our proprietary
RETL® technology
can process any data type – literally!

Get it,
when you need it

BI42, the digital knowledge assistant,
is available 24/7 and cuts out weeks of
turn around time for your BI queries

Answer data questions in seconds not days

  • Answer in natural language
  • Find answers and refine your query – all in seconds
  • Generate reports for sharing

You get the right answers – every time !

  • Connect to all the databases and data sources in your enterprise
  • Generate answers using relationships among multiple data sources – Context aware
  • Use our data access control algorithms for data security and compliance

Integrations – You name it, we have it!

Extensive library of connectors on our platform - Connect42®

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Connect42® provides Instant Connectivity

Our AI bridges the gap between your databases,
providing a 360° view of your enterprise

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